The Alton Road to Reinventing Your Wheelhouse

The Alton Road to Reinventing Your Wheelhouse

By Richard A.C. Alton, Esq.

It is often said there is no need to reinvent the wheel, but what about your wheelhouse? Well you may first be asking what the heck is a wheelhouse anyway? A wheelhouse is the sweet spot in a baseball batter’s strike zone that is most likely to yield a homerun if a pitcher is foolish enough to test throwing in that spot. Some things are easy for a business owner, like a particular client that always yields beneficial financial results for the business. As such the business owner focuses on those same clients day in and day out, since those types of clients fit perfectly into their wheelhouse.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?
Why should a business owner change their wheelhouse if it yields beneficial financial results? Well, many business owners are aware that past performance is no guarantee of future results. In baseball, even the best hitters know they cannot simply rely on their wheelhouse since pitchers learn to avoid that sweet spot. So like hitters, who realize they need to reinvent their wheelhouse by either adapting their batting stance or swing to yield better results in a different position of the strike zone, business owners too should reinvent their wheelhouse.

If you are still asking yourself, “what does a baseball batter’s swing matter to me or my business?” Consider this: while it is rewarding to master a particular skill or clientele, in order for a business to truly expand and grow, the wheelhouse must be continuously reinvented. For example, when Amazon first hit the online market, they were solely focused on selling books online. It was a wonderful idea and paid vast dividends for the fledging Amazon, but they did not stop there. Amazon realized, “sure, this works well, but what can we do better?” Now, given Amazon’s current status in our world, we have all realized what Amazon was capable of doing better.

So the power of reinventing your own wheelhouse and growing your business could yield truly amazing results. There may come a time when fishing in the same pond begins to show diminishing results or you may find yourself wanting more from your business. It is during a time like this that an attorney can help you take the next step in your operations, whether it is drafting a partnership agreement for you and another likeminded entrepreneur, drafting terms and conditions for your new sales website, or even developing a business plan or market and feasibility study for your own fledgling business idea. An attorney can help draw up the agreements, provisions, and contracts you need to reinvent your wheelhouse.

We at Alton Law are well positioned to assist you in reinventing your business wheelhouse. Our attorneys’ experience in drafting and revising a variety of business contracts and agreements will help in making your transition, and with Alton Law, you are on the Alton Road to a Brighter Tomorrow.